Product Catalog of Chassis Spare parts for Howo Front Axle HF9

Product Catalog of Chassis Spare parts for Howo Front Axle HF9


Items Part Number Part Name
Front Axle HF9
1 AZ9719410109 9t Front steering axle assembly
2 WG9700410049 Bearing
3 WG9100410129 Bush
4 WG9112410009 Front hub
5 WG9100410104 Wheel Nut
6 190003326543 Roller bearing
7 190003326531 Roller bearing
8 WG295420033 O-ring
9 AZ9719410041 Tie rod arm -left
10 AZ9719410040 Tie rod arm -right
11 WG880 410052 O-ring
12 WG9003884160 Nut
13 AZ9700430050 Tie rod ass.
14 WG9112440001 Brake drum
15 WG9100440001 Camshaft -left
16 WG9100440002 Camshaft -right
17 WG880340023 O-ring
18 WG9100440021 Roller
19 WG9100440030 Brake shoe ass.
20 AZ9719430010 Tie rod ass.
21 WG9725478045 Drop arm
22 WG9725478228 Steering gearbox
23 WG9925470033 Oil tank

This is a catalog list of easily broken engine parts for SINOTRUK HOWO truck. Chassis Spare parts catalog of Howo Front Axle HF9

Hope this might be helpful to you, to decide what spare parts to buy for maintenance of your HOWO trucks.

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