Quick look, the answer to expanding the path of “money” is here!

Sinotruk Truck+Weichai Power Strong Alliance
Adopting the “Five in One” development model
Truly achieving “1+1>2″
Original equipment in place at one stop
Quality assurance helps you broaden your “money” path
Vehicle suspension adopts new process design
Using aluminum alloy wheels, brackets, and air reservoirs
26% increase in body toughness
30% increase in bearing capacity
The weight of the entire vehicle is as low as 7.8 tons
Better Technology for Weight Reduction and Fuel Saving
Howo MAX Red Rabbit II
Accumulated verification of over 10 million kilometers in the entire region
Fearless of any extreme environment
Accumulation of key assemblies>30000 hours
Bench verification, reliability test, durability test
Reliable and Stable Moving Forward with You

Post time: Apr-19-2023