Why can CNHTC dump trucks become a popular choice in the market?

For the heavy truck industry, the growth of infrastructure investment means strong demand for dump trucks. The dump truck has always been the traditional advantageous field of CNHTC. In 2018, the market share of CNHTC in the dump truck industry reached 20.2%, up 24% year on year.
Haohan Dumper Outstanding Cost Performance
In 2019, the sales department of CNHTC foresees the expansion of investment in infrastructure construction, and launched the “spring sowing action” for dump trucks at the beginning of the year to encourage users to order vehicles by the year through price discounts, extended warranty, interest reduction and other policies. On the one hand, it helps users to reserve sufficient transport capacity to cope with the peak season after the year; On the other hand, reduce the production pressure of the order appropriately to ensure the normal delivery of the vehicle.

In the “spring sowing action”, the N6G 8 in the brand new N-series product series of CNHTC Haohan × 4 Dump truck products are well received by urban construction users. It is understood that Haohan 6 × 4 The dump truck is developed by CNHTC to meet the market demand for lightweight and composite transport dump trucks.
The car is built according to the concept of light luxury. The new appearance design is refreshing. The whole car uses a lightweight chassis+super strong materials and lightweight top, which meets the strict legal requirements.
In terms of power, Haohan N6G is a fully equipped MC09 engine with Matman technology. Mali covers the 340-400 horsepower segment. With low speed and high torque, it has a faster dynamic response and can easily cope with the relatively harsh transportation environment.
The price of economical products and the power configuration of high-end products have enabled Haohan N Series to win large orders repeatedly. Tianjin Yikunbo Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd. purchased 100 Haohan 8 at the end of last year × 4. The dump truck has been basically delivered.
Luo Chuanchuan, general manager of the company, said: “The 100 sets of 8 × 4 The dump truck will be distributed to the first-line transporters in the form of shares held by both parties. Therefore, the company has conducted an investigation on the purchase intention of the transporters who intend to buy shares at the initial stage of the purchase, and most of the opinions are from CNHTC. ”
T7H 8 × 4 Dump truck facing high-end market
In order to adapt to the growth of high-end dump truck demand in the market, in 2019, the sales department of Heavy Truck focused on promoting HOWO T7H 8 to the market × 4 Dump truck. This model is improved from the mature platform of HOWO-7 dump truck. It was officially launched in early 2018 and has been upgraded this year. It is one of the high-end dump trucks with the leading bearing capacity in China.

In terms of power, HOWO T7H 8 × 4 The dump truck is equipped with a 540 HP MAN technology MC13 engine, with a maximum torque of 2500N · m, a B10 service life of up to 1.5 million km, and an engine oil change interval of 40000 km (20000 for mining vehicles), effectively improving the service life of the vehicle under adverse conditions.
Its gearbox adopts the special transmission for HW project independently developed by CNHTC. The main gearbox uses double intermediate shafts, and the auxiliary gearbox uses planetary gears. The first gear speed is relatively large. It is equipped with the AC16 engineering bridge with multiple speed ratios. The speed ratios of the middle and rear axles are 4.77, 5.45 and 6.5, which can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions and meet the needs of the medium and short haul heavy haul transport market in most regions of China.
The cab body adopts an integral steel frame structure, which has strong resistance to external force and can meet the requirements of extremely stringent Swedish regulations. In addition, this model is also equipped with MAN’s special technology EVB auxiliary braking, WEBCO braking system and ZF’s steering system, which makes the active and passive safety first-class in China.
20 years of shaping the reputation of family service
After nearly two years of rapid growth, the number of heavy dump trucks in the market in China has begun to become saturated, and the growth rate has slowed down. Therefore, dumper users began to be more rational in their purchase mentality. In addition to demanding that the vehicle itself have excellent quality, they also paid special attention to the follow-up maintenance and value-added services.

In 1999, CNHTC, based on its forward-looking understanding of the market, took the lead in registering the “relatives” service trademark in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, becoming the only registered service brand in the domestic equipment manufacturing industry at that time. After 20 years of development, the connotation of family service has been gradually sublimated, the service model has been constantly innovated, and the service quality has been constantly improved, extending to “marriage project”, “whole life cycle” service, “non-stop” service, second-hand car disposal service, etc.
It is reported that the “Matchmaking Project” developed by Sinotruk for users adopts the “1+1+1″ fixed-point service mode. According to the user’s operation route, a resident responsible service station and a destination responsible service station are designated for each vehicle to be responsible for vehicle maintenance, repair, active care, etc. Establish close contact with users, implement one-to-one service station responsibility system, and improve user satisfaction.
In addition, in view of the characteristics that most dump truck users purchase in batches, the sales department of CNHTC implements the “marriage” service concept, sends a special service team to bind the vehicles purchased by key customers, and carries out regular inspection and maintenance for them to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of vehicles.
Although the market capacity tends to be saturated, the policy is still releasing good news. In this case, the product+service strategy of the Heavy Truck Sales Department may win more opportunities for it

Post time: Oct-27-2022